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New Building (78)


We have lots of open-ended opportunities for children to explore making and creating, using a variety of tools and materials.

Christmas Crafts


We encourage visitors to help the children learn and explore different activities and knowledge of the local community.


Our ABC nativity:  we put on a nativity performance each Christmas which is very well supported by parents, friends and family…



… followed by our Christmas party and a special visit from Father Christmas.

Layla and Santa


Exploring IT:  Children are leaning to use BeeBot – our programmable bumble bee.  They also have access to computers set up with age-appropriate educational software.

Technology BeeBot


During circle time (adult-lead focused time) we explore and investigate.  Here we are comparing and contrasting the different sounds in our sound boxes.

Circle Time


Children have lots of varied opportunities to mark-make – both indoors and outdoors – including ribbon writing, drawing in the sand, chalking and using a variety of pencils crayons and markers.

Christmas Crafts (2)


We encourage parents to “stay and play” during our friendly open sessions which we hold at set times during the year.  If a parent would like to help out/stay/play on regular basis you would be very welcome. Please ask a member of staff if you’re interested.

Stay and Play


Our lovely play, learning and development space.  Doors lead from this room into our outside play area; we have a free-flow system in operation so that children can chose as and when they wish to play outdoors.

New Building (77b)


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