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The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Cygnets follows the EYFS Curriculum with the aim of helping your child build their confidence, enjoy exploring the world around them, and to achieve the 7 learning goals.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This area of learning is about building confidence, feeling good about yourself and learning how you fit into a group. It is also about respecting your peers, developing independence and building effective communication skills.

Physical Development

This is all about being active, building the child’s confidence and co-ordination, promoting a healthy active lifestyle and includes fine and gross motor skills.

Communication and Language

This area of learning is to help children extend their vocabulary and improve their communication skills through talking, listening, songs, stories, rhymes and word games.



Developing mathematical understanding through play. This can take the form of sorting, patterns and counting activities, looking at shapes, sizes and numbers of objects.

Understanding the World

Helping children develop an understanding of the world around them, their immediate environment and the wider world, including other cultures.

Expressive Arts and Design

Learning through art, music, dance and imaginative play to help explore, express their own ideas in an individual, creative way, and develop connections to other areas of learning.


Children will be introduced first to environmental sounds, then to initial sounds and also encouraged to experiment with mark making, all at their own pace.

All activities at Cygnets are carefully planned to encompass the learning goals outlined above. Children are observed closely to understand their interests and developmental levels.

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