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Policies and Procedures

Below are all the Preschool policies:

Policies Contents Page

01 Aims of the Pre-school

02 Fee Charging Policy

03 Settling in policy

04 Food and Drink Policy

05 Arrivals, Departures and uncollected children policy

06 Outings, Visits and Events policy

07 Behaviour Policy

08 Accident Illness Emergency Policy


10 Equal Opportunities Policy

11 Special Needs

12 Complaints Procedure

13 Staffing Policy

14 Students and Volunteers

15 Whistleblowing procedure

16 Physical Environment

17 Fire Safety

18 Emergency Closure Procedure for Staff

19 Hygiene Policy

20 Documentation and Information Policy

21 Confidentiality Policy

22 Data Breach Policy

23 Lockdown Policy

privacy notice for parents

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